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The majority of dating apps, both for Android and for i OS, allow users to sign up through Facebook.

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Beautiful women who get approached a lot have no choice but to immediately stereotype you based on your appearance, voice tone, and body language.It's just not practical to get to know lots and lots of guys.In the dating world, attractive women are not going to give you a chance to show "the content of your character" unless you create powerful attraction in the first few seconds.If you look like a Trekkie, most women will write you off as a loser even if you have great inner strength or a brilliant opening line.So they go with their "gut instinct." A lot of that "gut instinct" has to do with how she stereotypes you.

Many people harbor a secret resentment towards anyone with high social value.At some time in her life, this girl was instructed to believe that a high fashion guy with a mullet is a total score.Maybe it was from the media, maybe it was from her friends, maybe she even met some sexy guy with a mullet.Other times, you have to dig yourself out of a hole because she already thinks bad things about you before you say one word.In our culture, the word "stereotyping" has a bad reputation. We see it every day- people on TV who say "Stereotyping is WRONG!It's a defense mechanism that allows them to continue their delusional ways.