People passed legislation mandating additional

From today, I am sending out a strong message to all women travelers or tourists.

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The arrows can be made of bird cherry and should have a length of about 0,43 bow length. The ancient trapper used arrows with blunt heads not to destroy the precious fur of small animals, as squirrels and sabels.

These knocked the animal unconscious and gave the trapper enough time to run (or ski) and pick it up and kill it.

His another son Silito was the leader of the combat tanks, in the base of Columbia and Marcelo was the Leader of the Bomber Squadron.

In this way Batista intended to control the aviation.

Skiing was a must for our hunting forefathers which provided peoples of the South with furs.

In the first days of November of 1954 are transferred to Gary AFB in San Frameworks, Texas the Capt. Jorge González Barreras to receive the helicopters pilots course.

In June of 1955 are send to United States to the base Moody in Georgia Alvaro Prendes Quintana,, Ricardo Rodríguez de Castro and Virgilio García Cuéllar, to pass course of flight by instruments.

For the feasts of the 50° anniversary of the Republic of Cuba (20 of May of 1952), the headquarters of the FAEC wants to have new equipment.

They kept in mind the degradation and loss of the equipment received by the program of aid ARP in 1947, and the equipment confiscated to the Caribbean Legion that same year.