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This latter portion is accepted by the Catholics as of divine origin, while the Protestants usually deny it.

Define courtship dating

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They certainly aren’t talking or even considering marriage, since they are both too young for that. If they don’t go steady, Tom will repeat the process the next week with Mindy, with whom he may decide to “go steady,” or maybe not. After dessert and grace after meals, the game resumes, this time with greater fervor.

This first plan has all sorts of variations and can be done in groups of couples. In the second plan, Maurice goes to Erika’s parents’ house, knocks on the door and is allowed in by Mrs. As he walks into the house, he sees Erika and her brothers and sisters sitting in the den, playing a game. Smith shakes Maurice’s hand, and shows him a chair and has little Freddie get Maurice something to drink. The little brothers and sisters go off to get ready for bed, while Mr. Smith, Erika, and Maurice continue talking about various subjects.

Maybe next Saturday night, a similar scene will take place at his house, or perhaps the two families will get together for something, or maybe the two will be allowed to go together to a social function, but they will spend most of their time with family.

After all, Maurice and Erika want to see how the other behaves in the home setting, since they are strongly considering marrying each other and are both eligible to do so.

In this second plan, most, though not all, of the activity happens in the home. There is little time alone together, especially at first, and the purpose is to see if they are indeed suited to each other for marriage.

They also have fun and, in large measure, the enjoyment they have is a gage if whether or not they are suited for each other. It will not surprise you to find out that the first thing I described is dating — or “casual dating” as we may call it. They are done differently and they have different purposes.

(This was written in preparation for a series of conferences on vocations and states in life that I gave at Saint Benedict Center in the Spring of 2005.

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Brother Francis, born in Lebanon in 1913, assured me that “dating” did not exist in his Christian village of Mashra, nor in the surrounding areas.

I would also like to cover who is eligible to court and what some appropriate parameters are. In order to contrast courtship and dating, let me give examples of each. Tom, who has been legally eligible to drive for about a year now, goes to Sally’s parents’ house.

After knocking on the door, he may or may not be allowed in the house to wait for Sally to finish dosing herself with the final spritz of inexpensive yet surprisingly powerful perfume.

The revolutionary innovation is more radical as it entails something more fundamental than dating.

What made it possible, ladies and gentlemen, is the automobile. This is because courtship is a natural prelude to marriage.