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Demi and Selena had been so close for so long that Miley had wondered if there was something more than friendship going on between them.Now there was no doubt in her mind, and Miley couldn’t be happier for them.Back in 2015, Alli told The Daily Telegraph that she and Cody found it tough adjusting to the pressures of fame.'I struggle with it and Cody does, too,' the blonde beauty admitted.'It is just the pressure really of what other people think.'People are very opinionated and obviously we are always going to have that because you are not going to be universally loved,' she added.

Trying to get a hold of herself she added, “That’s pretty much what I was expecting.” “Hold that thought.” Selena said, “There is one more thing.” “What? “Selena wants me to do it.” Demi said, recognising her girlfriend was in trouble. I mean, it’s like you said, it’s no big deal.” Miley blushed, “And I’m trying to change my image, and even if I can’t tell anyone about this it would be great for me to… It would be like, the wildest thing I’ve ever done.

Selena moaned loudly and laid back with eyes closed for a little while, just enjoying the attention.

Then she slowly opened her eyes and turned her head so she was looking at Miley, “If you’re in a hurry you can forego foreplay, or at least speed it up, but, mmmmmmmm, whenever you can, I highly recommend taking the time to really let your lover explore your body with their mouth and tongue.

When they were facing each other Selena leant forward so that her face was inches away from Demi’s, gently cupped her girlfriend’s cheek and said, “Look at me. The girl hadn’t even worn anything that revealing in public.

“Oh, we’re planning to get started pretty soon, but first I wanted to talk to you about it.