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During auditions, he falls in love with the young woman he picks to be the leading actress, Shruti.
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Yes, and that's when I found myself back on Team Nick. Typically, I would sign on for a movie role knowing what happens on page 120 when it's over and what is to be expected of me in the meantime. ugh, I can't tell you anything about "Enlightened" because it's too good. "New Girl," every week it's revealing some other thing that you didn't know you were ever going to be asked to do on camera. I would happily come back to cause more anti-Nick trouble even though I know that breaks your heart. Um, but that's only one of the hurdles in whether these movies have a long life.

And on this, your fate and your dignity is in their hands every week. "Enlightened," I started yesterday and I go back tomorrow. Mike White writes the whole season himself and I won't tell you anything because it is out of control -- the story line this season. Just to keep in the vein of the rom-com goodness that we're seeing with you on "New Girl," and since you've appeared in a number of big screen romantic comedies, let's settle it: Which do you prefer, "The Wedding Date" or "My Best Friend's Wedding"? Both of them -- in fact, I'll be honest with you, probably against all odds with "The Wedding Date" -- both of them have become standards.

While your family is gathering around choosing a favorite romantic comedy to zonk out to this holiday season, you’ll have a fun fact to share about Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Wedding Date, The Family Stone, Must Love Dogs): He is also a professional-level cellist.

The Los Angeles reports that Mulroney, in addition to his day job on CBS’s Pure Genius, is also a go-to cello player for film composer Michael Giacchino.

Mulroney was classically trained as a child by a cello player from the National Symphony Orchestra, but stopped short of pursuing a formal conservatory training for college.He made his high school stage debut in an awful play called "Are Teachers Human" at George Washington (I) High School. He was unusually short for most of his years in high school and was known for having a sharp, if not very nice, sense of humor.Graduated from Northwestern University in 1985, where he attended the School of Speech.Yet, he still felt skilled enough to dare Giacchino to give him a shot playing with career performers.While he is far from the most prominent musician on any given score — he held the 11th seat in the cello section for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — he has played on nearly every song from a soundtrack scored by Giacchino since Mission Impossible III.And Laura Dern's character is an entirely different kind of kooky, zany love interest for you. It can be a popular movie without it having long legs, but both of these still play.