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Detailsview itemupdating new values

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- Jim Hi Jim, I am not quite sure what is your exact scenario and what exactly does not work. I am trying to make the Rad Color Picker work in a grid with inline editing.I am thinking there would need to be Get Current Fields() set up, but am not certain if that is correct. Just one note, the downloaded source code is not part of the updated article, so sorry for any confusion.I submitted a request to take out the source code download link.But, to answer your question, yes, this will handle multiple tables.You would simply need to write a method that would pass in the table name as a parameter.I am at a loss of where to start really , I have asked many questions on various forums, but I have found that if you ask something slighlty out of the ordinary you dont get any sensible responses. This algorthim captures any changed fields when using either the Details View or Gridview web control.Hope you can maybe point me in the right direction? If you are using these containers, then inside a DV or GV, if you have your own custom controls, such as an Integer Text Box, you will be able to get the before and after data.

--Harry I have one question, I am assuming that the Sql Table will be able to handle multiple tracking for multiple tables, but the class Current Fields.cs, how do you account for handling tracking more than one table.

The second part of this tutorial explains the use of a Details View.

Details View control is a data-bound control that renders a single record at a time.

If you are not using a GV or DV and you want to use only a control, then you would want to play on maybe View State or Session variables.

It all depends on how you are presenting you form data. --Harry One thing I want to metion is that the before/after values are only captured for databound controls.