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Dhcp not updating in dns

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For the uninitiated, WINS resolves computer names to IP addresses (similar to DNS), and WINS-R provides reverse DNS lookups.

In addition to configuring DDNS, you can configure your DNS server to use WINS for name resolution.

As you can see by the Properties sheet shown in Figure A, you have a number of options to consider when configuring DHCP for dynamic updates.

To access this menu and configure DHCP for dynamic updates: If you select Active Directory-Integrated, you can choose Secure only from the Dynamic Updates drop-down list.

If implemented, the DHCP server can dynamically update DNS to modify an individual computer's resource records with a DNS server using the dynamic update protocol.

This DHCP option permits the DHCP server the following possible interactions for processing DNS information on behalf of DHCP clients that include Option Code 81 in the DHCPRequest message they send to the server: DHCP and static DNS service are not compatible for keeping name-to-address mapping information synchronized.

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An additional DHCP option code (option code 81) enables the return of a client's FQDN to the DHCP server.

Dynamic updates are supported by the Microsoft DNS service, included in Windows 2000.

DNS servers provide domain name resolution for network resources.

They associate the TCP/IP address assigned by DHCP to a client with its fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

This association, or mapping, of an IP address to a domain name requires that a change in either the address or the name necessitates an update of the information in DNS.