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This is a woman that cannot lie, even when she wants to.

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He does not listen to her, and prescribes a traumatic and unhelpful shock therapy treatment.

Joan, Esther’s acquaintance in the mental hospital, tells a similar tale of the insensitivity of male psychiatrists.

Esther does not mark maturity in the traditional way of fictional heroines, by marrying and beginning a family, but by finding the strength to reject the conventional model of womanhood.

Esther emerges from her trials with a clear understanding of her own mental health, the strength that she summoned to help her survive, and increased confidence in her skepticism of society’s mores.

Esther’s struggles and triumphs seem more heroic than conventional achievements.

Her desire to die rather than live a false life can be interpreted as noble, and the gradual steps she takes back to sanity seem dignified.

While Esther’s intellectual talents earn her prizes, scholarships, and respect, many people assume that she most wants to become a wife and mother.She feels she cannot discuss or think about the dark spots in life that plague her: personal failure, suffering, and death.She knows the world of fashion she inhabits in New York should make her feel glamorous and happy, but she finds it filled with poison, drunkenness, and violence.Esther understands her first sexual experience as a crucial step toward independence and adulthood, but she seeks this experience not for her own pleasure but rather to relieve herself of her burdensome virginity.Esther feels anxiety about her future because she can see only mutually exclusive choices: virgin or whore, submissive married woman or successful but lonely career woman.She decides to reject Buddy for good when she realizes he represents a sexual double standard.