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Early dating communication

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Obviously, this was a good sign that he wants to continue seeing me.So, I went ahead and told him, I really like what we have and where this is going.(Id left some stuff - hairbrush and makeup - at his place, and wanted to let him know.) It was Monday, so I figured he was busy at work, and left him alone after a few back-and-forth messages.We don't have trouble talking when we're together, but the contact between dates still feels awkward. Im not some needy chick who requires constant contact, but I want to make more of an effort to talk to him regularly. What do you consider too much communication versus a girl seeming disconnected or disinterested? Find someone who matches you, do what you want and don't compromise it. If I really like the girl, I don't think you can have too much communication.

I get that sometimes people use their schedule as a way to keep people interested while they really do have the time. What do yu do that doesn't even allow texting throughout the week? I'm a ridiculously busy guy, and understand people live busy lives. He said he shouldn't be too busy at work, and would contact me in a "couple days." It's now Wednesday afternoon, and I haven't heard from him...

We saw each other twice this past week, and I finally made a communication breakthrough with him.

We got together last Wednesday after work (like we do almost every week).

He promised to call (well, text) me again in a couple days.

Basically, Im happy with the way things are going, and finally feel more secure and comfortable being with him. but in between, it still seems like we dont communicate much. (Neither of us are big phone talkers and really only call our families.