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You also might have to update the project configuration. The error message above often means that a download of a library was not successful, which you can easily check by opening the path in the error message and checking the file and update the project dependencies.If you want to debug the unit tests but still run them with Maven (for example because the tests need resource filtering), add the option . JCTree$JCField Access.accept( at tools. Maven should now re-download the library and hopefully install it properly.Besided the information on this page there are the following specific Maven-related topics: is here: You can get many commonly used Java libraries there.Therefore the classpath variable M2_REPO has to be set.

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You can try to force a redownload of the library by deleting the whole folder from the console, which often solves these kinds of problems and less prone to errors during downloading.

The second one, deploying with increased version, requires updating the version of th 52n parent (root) project.

If you have changed something in the Maven-skin source code, you can deploy it simply by executing Now the current version of the Maven-skin will be replaced by your updated version.

You can find it in the If the property exists and is one of the three: Sensor Web, Geoprocessing, Security, the respective menu item will be highlighted. If you want to add a new community to the menu and also allow highlighting you will have to add the following to the (replace with real values where necessary): You will have to deploy the updated Maven-skin to the repository, so that the changes are available for the other communities. There are two ways of deploying updated Maven-skins.

The first one, deploying without increased version, is simple, but not entirely clean.