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Eddie izzard uma thurman dating

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But the pieces of the puzzle, though halfhearted, aren’t enough to make a terrible movie, just a fairly dull and stupid one.

Those looking for the distraction (which is all the film promises to give) will likely find it without noticing its rampant weaknesses.

Another week gone by; another mild comedy that doesn’t live up to its potential; another farce that rears its head, only to whimper.

You'd think that the director behind Ghostbusters and a writer/producer for The Simpsons could get together and make one hilariously outrageous movie. While director Reitman and writer Don Payne collaborate to provide intermittent laughs, in the end this high-concept farce crashes down pretty low.

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It seems that Payne saved all The Simpsons-worthy lines for him.But only after he dumps her does Matt finds out how truly crazy she is.Think Fatal Attraction meets X-Men and you basically have the gist.There's no doubt that Thurman is one superhot superhero, and Wilson's endearing befuddlement and adorable "aw, shucks" smile can temporarily distract from the absence of a good joke or an inspiring moment.But ultimately, the star-power smoke screen withers, and you're left with a silly film, a couple of decent jokes, and an entirely too-predictable plot.And really, would someone as darling as Wilson have so much trouble getting a date? Anyway, Matt hooks up with Jenny and learns two secrets about her.