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Unfortunately, Susan was about to discover that no such creature existed.Julie Alexandra Mayer is the eldest child of Susan Delfino and Karl Mayer.She later tells him that Julie does not want to see him but Zach believes that it is because Susan tells Julie lies about him.Susan's kitchen catches fire and Zach is responsible as he is mad at her.Julie from then on takes the roll of the mother in the relationship.She helped her mother by sleeping in her bed and making cereal dinners (as she couldn't cook anything else) and went on "fun" trips to Karl's apartment to see if he was bringing home any women.

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When Martha Huber blackmails Susan about burning down Edie's house because she found her measuring cup in the wreckage, Julie steals the cup back from Mrs.Julie tells her mother about the conversation and Susan begins to investigate further.Before Susan's date with Mike, Julie convinces her to change her clothes and look less old.She leaves to go and console Danielle who is devastated after John Rowland broke up with her and she remains mad at Zach.Zach starts to stalk Julie and throws gravel at her window in the middle of the night, when Susan opens the window, she gets a face full of gravel and tells Zach that he is not to come near her daughter.She tells her that she needs this to go well as she might have a husband of her own one day and doesn't want Susan living with them, she goes off with her dad.