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Of couste a fellah wl Ut a doosid bit of sense can taki care of himself but girls are are well it' different thing altogether. nor wrong right If a t4ns la de- rradlng to a woman it Is equally so ua man since the human soul- has no sex. How true this Is of Uwi bead of families I A cheerful. I said I ftould rather think 1 was different in the eys of society" then as I pulled the window down. The conductor shouted the cars swayed and Jerked the wheels creaked and is the monster slowly dragged its length along its iron track. hope- fit happy mother almost always governs he children better than a petulant one. If In his lifetime he was a cyrus In literature- he had few llktryeot11. whether In politics religion or- morals the wish Is father to the thought There never was a better illustration of the hail urination which results from a loving nopelulness. the quality be tug determined by the soukle Yel OPlflettt of- the Individuals hence the re I an abundance of the cheap variety. paji Jonswbotreat t I en hi memory wiui trspcct He never had a good word for item new could dee any good la their productions why should him credit for anything good Ic2edand abused him during hi Ime J-ase to kick and abuse only when he I. Even the flowers wither upon his grove- and the birds B rver rtngjn the trees whwe M JW uirtr BUTCI imifij M uc OT W tainstone steeds. nave all Imrdof him arid avoid his memory wen after death. These pregnant sentences are susceptible of a wide application. Mere physical marriage Is happiness enough for many men and women being all that Is needed. home that is a place to live In this secured by said partnership. If Shakspeare tells the truth when he tells us All orators are dumb when beauty pleadetb they sure. 2 desired to spare ber all I could and a xeadiag to hard on the eyes well train- b t Me voice I very generously took It upoe wfrse Jf to do that part besides. washing Is antagonistic to the essential enithatable- naatof the psychological 9ulbllltlea and prognosticates philosophical and phll- oteeteteal stagnation tra goto to write a d Vettoaary tbat is a djtttonary expressly tor Forty Yean and thtnk Ill call It Wordsworth's Verbose Vocabulary to Anen Uca W y3b Ica Uons Well never Bind the dab or the verbose etc. Thit is the unusual occurrence latewpe to tell about Hereitls word roe wo d nt Dear Sifenee. Dartey it i' very nice young man tha he looks delicate. Jamison Is osinected with some of our highest faint- l Iesid In tact Is considered very respect- iblcju society while Mr.-Mr. Having avenged the indig nity 1 returned to the subject In hand. think jean t ready f I really don't know dear You'll have to have a new dress or two and some of the old ones made over. t MA sew broom sweeps clean/ andnotell- tae what will happen Bob interpolated at this Juncture quoting my letter whtch In OHM teyseertous manner he had possessed himself of while I was engrossed with the Invportat question uppermost in my mind. Gtfess she put that out for a bait na knew what would catch BIB.. I started planned ashes advice tta ULnte on this mumtone sphere was a bur-den so tayselt tad fmedo. joints OM gate from trybag on gtaenteka aad folderofa. C you f orc t Became now lie over the ro e land And ray eyes are tired oot end wet T Can you f umt the rose so MOO l ow tbat tnows lie pa BM beneath the moon Ah watt is tare" In your lite Only an interlude One sc U tow oord of minor strtf t Only a momeut mood- Only a tsilteg Xna Dre Lto Z a flower 4 tear like this.- And wkt to lore- to me Taewbo M great lymphony or iarrtw Ucord rife tfce wee on a wreck- trewn tea 1 wide sweet sky-my Uf e quick breeth- fte ttrange aad and gi daatk 8ILP2c E WORDSWORTH. R I hose the above sentence will meet with the approval its virtue do- serve for like the dutiful daughter I am. Boben sad/cotter gazed over her spectacles atherintrereiitoffsprbiz with a shade of reproyalin her mild eyes you shouldn't speak so disrespectfully or your SWOTSfriends I'm sure Mr. contented myself with easting a glance oi w Itharin scorn at the malefactor who had a wantonly applied slanderous epithets to jay Several very entertaining and instructing correspondents. Then on the principle that a mans nous U his castle it Is an eminent satisfaction to those end their name is legion who desire to be clothed In a little brief authority to have a place to boss in. to bring Just as many children Into the world as one Tlkes to bring them up as badly as one likes and Uwn tarn these undisciplined rebels In to society to setup these strongholds against reform against law and order against enlightenment and progress e this is happi. I has been a hard winter for many who hive tried to brighten their rooms with plants and although blossoms have not been plentiful we have reason to be thankful if the plants are still living for Jack-frost had out an armed host the past few months and he sent his Invaders within. if an Inelegant expression can be excused foratersedescriptionofaolnelegantfact To be able to say who shall crow one s threshold and who shall not to have the privilege of setting all rules of right management at defiance to keep house In the worst possible way. ness but to what order of people Did not the Southern homes preserve slavery- I o not the Northern homespre- ervetheslavbbnessot women the vices of men the follies and vanity of the young Does not the home almost as frequently as the shop give the first start toward In temperance tile more dangerous impulse of the two as It tithes on the guise of proper luxury. t Itmtxtbe remembered throughout that I ant not speaking potentially ot homes as they might be but of homes as I have s en them read of them. In the average home there are several pairs of people In a state of complaint the heads Of the house- hid against the servants. the splitting off of theyonngei scions into- new marriages for the unacknowledged reason that they can no longer stand it to remain at home and fondly hope that the fire will be more agreeable than the pan being the greater one resulting in additional experiments with this Infallible recipe for human fellcity. and asked no permission stealing the life sap with icy fingers laughing derisively at the hearts bereaved.

tar A CUes How Ht rain drtpf from UM MTM TM ssokti night of trl Bow tb wind la lt roaming griares With tteoadenccot broken year I Sow ted tfie world to o IK at n Ight How poor Ufa teeas when one feels Its b Ug MI Uf C U a Sly. With a bee In It oballos of golaj AB4K teg iom on8imi Il bee- Sow tt TMg t M t make Uf e oold AM o M mad gray. also other entertainments in p MSoee Mre bence 700 e uid not tad a better uaaev to make tt anticipated visit. or one bet what put all the richness Into It too by Again I condensed all the dignity arid Memnetsof my nature and throwing the bulk or It Into my eyes fairly glowered at him I caa look whole volumes when I try saturega Ye mean eye that commands to- seiect. My b e Slo4 niefau W tr B the hot uxt wrlux- Jb k Hitki t Ha g OH tkeu. Needles and pins wrote their autobiographies on me.

But an eagle flies Wbe la win bold th butter dart Made of the f ataer It teased Ian nlxbt In own grand t earie kewa flight And tt ro are red and we t In the tnmznr. Iii Marth 1L A very unusual thlag happened to me one morning as I wa readt Bg aloud to mother while she wasnet the dishes N. WB satitssveiy in the w Arme Kt corner with e t pecked gracefully a the mantle- TM end of a stamp smol dered In panful proximity to the end of his nose whlif Tn his hand be held The Thrill- li Advew Bres of Poinard Peter.

In sbortwe will expect yo two weeks from Sat- nrt y K Tonctommie U owreni Bnt to come. thopih I'm as mild as a sheep until he wilted visibly slowly relaxed his grasp on t& letter and sank weakly back in his chair a. In dreams ribbons arid cords dtneed minuets uud breakdowns over me thon changing Into dragons andtepttles tb r Plaj-i fully chased me over road of buttons made oftoad ejesaad flies' beads until turned to a- pair of etrdintl hose as long- as the North Pole and skipped- rarlrfroin Virden to the moon. Once I had a good dream and one thatlnev CTexpect to realize. must re been In Heaved for e dream was ex- irucla Ungly heavenly. ucwicu u/ mash Venus the Seven Sisters and any otherl1ttle stars that hap pened to be- ttanding around handy.

liens the austere ditolty of his tone was perfectly aw- tol. I thought what a glorious privilege It would be to be a roan virtnouslj Jay down the law to sister or wilt' and havindonemy duty by telling someone else whx to do go oft and do as 1 please be It right or rong. There Is a certain philosophy abput cheerfulness that tends to make the health better elevate the affections.

Its not just the th In Z you know and Bob lookedtolemnthat is for girls. and make all of our relations with each other more agreeable.