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Fun fact: Despite being well known for playing a Catholic priest and numerous Protestants, Bosley was actually Jewish.

Elderly dating scams

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Scammers have been known to target vulnerable people, such as the elderly and newly arrived migrants.

They will often impersonate government officials from agencies such as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the Department of Human Services or Centrelink, and the Australian Federal Police.

These scams use threats designed to frighten you into handing over your money, and can even include threats to your life.

Scammers will tell you that there are problems with your immigration papers or visa status, and threaten deportation unless fees are paid to correct the errors.

In a similar scam, victims will be contacted over the phone by a scammer pretending to be from the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

The scammer will ask for payment of an outstanding tax debt and threaten arrest or legal action if you do not comply.

Scammers may also pretend to be from trusted organisations, including energy or telecommunications providers, Australia Post, banks and law enforcement agencies.