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"Whether you're long in the tooth or just a cub, download to chat and meet up with fellow Tigers and Tigresses! "The truth is there are a lot of people who aren't comfortable being on Tinder because there are a lot of randoms out there," Landes told Bloomberg.

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She spends several years researching the members of the conspiracy and creating an elaborate fake back-story by changing her name to the one of her former cellmate, to seek revenge.

The "Pilot" begins by showing the future "Fire and Ice" engagement party for Emily and Daniel Grayson, the son of Conrad and Victoria Grayson, taking place on Labor Day Weekend.

After "Amanda" alerts Emily to the killing, Emily sets up the Graysons for Frank's murder.

He discovers Emily's former cellmate, the real Emily Thorne who is posing as Amanda Clarke, but she murders him before he can warn Victoria.

Emily is distrustful of him from the start, while Emily's friend and Victoria's event planner, Ashley Davenport, is smitten with him.

When Lydia returns, determined to get her house and reputation back after her affair with Conrad was revealed, she blackmails the Graysons and Emily.

Emily, however, sets her up to take the fall for her other takedowns, causing the Grayson head of security Frank Stevens to throw her off her balcony, although she survives.

Emily sends Conrad a video recording of the Frank and Lydia incident, which causes Conrad to fire Frank.