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Enfp entp dating

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ENTP women often favor male dominated careers, which can be both a good and a bad thing.

It certainly comes with challenges when a woman is working in a career that is usually run by men.

They will often jump from one idea or interest to another one rather quickly.

They want to constantly be learning and growing, and might become bored quickly with what they are doing.

ENTPs can sometimes get into trouble because of their desire to test the limits, and will often get themselves into tricky situations.

Thankfully, they are also rather charming individuals, which helps them slip out of the same trouble that they crawled into.

ENTPs generally dislike following rules, sometimes they will even push the limit just to see how far they can go.

They enjoy testing situations and crossing various lines, just to figure out what the result will be.

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They are intelligent individuals, with a desire to keep their constantly working mind as satisfied as possible.This is a great skill for ENTPs, especially for the charming ENTP woman.She might not constantly lay on the charm for others, but she certainly has it hiding up her sleeve, ready to be used.ENTP women will constantly surprise people with their “unusual” ways.They stretch the limits, which often causes them to take action that people do not expect.ENTPs often evoke a strong reaction from their peers, this either results in them being misunderstood and avoided, or completely admired.