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Yet by the mid-19th century it was probably the leading cause of death in indigenous Australians in areas settled by Europeans.

[22] The current scientific consensus is that complex has been infecting humans and our predescessors for at least hundreds of thousands of years.

[3] These bacteria share 99.9% of their nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA.

[4] The earliest detected TB --confirmed by genetic analysis-- is from the remains of an extinct bison in North America. Bruce Rothschild and his colleagues carbon-dated a bone from the bison's foot, calculating that the animal was 18,000 years old.

[24] The Greek physician Galen (130-200AD) believed that TB was contagious and incurable.

A consumptive who eats little, who is failing, who has diarrhea, tumefaction of the scrotum and of the abdomen, that one, the physician anxious to be a man of renown will abandon ...

The physician who wants great fame cures a man attacked by consumption.

[11] [12] Besides DNA and bone lesions, TB can also be identified in ancient Egypt from mummies with Pott's disease, a deformation of the spine caused by TB.

TB has even been found in Indian elephants from before 2000 BC. The oldest discovered cases in South America belong to the Paracas-Caverna culture dating back to about 160 AD and to two mummies recovered from the Andean mountains of about the same time.