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We have a lot of overlapping interest even though were from the completely different backgrounds.

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How can I solve this problem and get back to devoting my time to my wife, so she can be happy again and not worried about me on-line half the night?Considering your statements above it seems to me that you are ambivalent about whether or not you are really ready to give up your lifelong sexual habits.If you want to quit, then stop making excuses for why it is difficult for you to begin the process.Case in point: If you need therapy (and I would agree that quitting will be much easier with professional support and guidance behind you), then don’t make excuses for why you can’t afford therapy.Don’t expect that you will necessarily fail in early attempts at quitting your exhibitionist ways, but don’t beat yourself up if you fail at first either.Re-channeling a lifelong sexual habit is a very difficult thing to do.I’m simply reaching out for help to a problem that has spanned a couple decades now.

Third, recognize that therapy is a temporary expenditure – it doesn’t have to go on for years to be helpful.

I’ve seen quality therapy be offered at rates in the per hour range near major cities.

Second, find ways to come up with the necessary money, possibly by giving up some subscription services that you don’t really need (like cable television, a cell phone, an expensive car loan, etc.) With some creativity, you can find ways to come up with the cash if you are motivated to do so.

Basically I’m still struggling with the same issues that got me in trouble before except that the inter-net has me off the street and in my den but it has connected me to a much larger and seemingly co-cooperative group that feeds my compulsion. I am too ashamed to list most of my activities in a public forum.

But would be happy to tell you in private e-mail or some other way.