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I took time to imagine walking in her shoes and I understand she is really hurt, she has asked to leave his house several, I've been the one calming her down and advising her not to leave at her age. Did it ever occur to you, that just like so many married women, with community horsebands, your mum was waiting for her kids to grow within a complete family system(as society demands) before divorcing? This is why it's good for women to be independent and remain physically appealing. Your Mum and Dad are in what is called Polyamorous marriage!

She is independent and has a good job, and according to her there is no sexual relationship between them again. All that "who will want you after 3kids" threat, na for women wey no know wassup. You better allow event to take care of itself, confronting you mother is exposing yourself to fury of a woman who has been in dejection.

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taoheedoriloye: So you mean your mom shouldn't enjoy herself because she married? your dad is outdated and is good for her to have a taste on young guys so that she will not age mom is smart audacious and quality woman , tell her to put in more effort! If she wants sexual satisfaction, then file for a divorce!

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