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There are two ways to do this, and they are equally effective.
But the act of marrying, divorcing, and getting hitched to a former spouse certainly isn't limited to public figures.

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You may be able to find information on the site about its linking policy.(For example, you can find information about NCCIH’s linking policy on the NCCIH Web Site Information and Policies page at gov/tools/) Unless the site’s linking policy is strict, don’t assume that the sites that it links to are reliable.You can find NCCIH’s privacy policy at gov/tools/privacy.htm#privacy.You should always be able to contact the site owner if you run across problems or have questions or feedback.

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Others put the names and credentials of the individuals who reviewed a Web page in an Acknowledgments section near the end of the page.A health Web site may ask you to “subscribe” or “become a member.” In some cases, this may be so that it can collect a user fee or select information for you that’s relevant to your concerns.In all cases, this will give the site personal information about you.Web sites usually have a policy about establishing links to other sites.Some sites take a conservative approach and don’t link to any other sites. Many health/medical sites post information collected from other Web sites or sources.