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That is why I ask students in my French 201 and 202 classes to write their journal entries using Google docs.
Hating the idea of being a victim, she trained herself in various fighting styles and acrobatics, intent on killing her rapist.

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JEsus said something like "I cannot give of what I do not carry." this is where the energy of love comes in and we take responsibility for helping ALL our kin...

"When we begin to function within the laws of nature and not just by our own laws, we become co-creators with the universe.

Namaste (East India, In'Lakesh Ala K'in (Mayan), Mitakye Oyasin (Lakota) - all meaning We are ONE, the Spirit of you honours the Spirit of Me, We are all related ... We are able to create with our thought and even more with our WORD.

We ignite the flame in clouded hearts who still give their energy to these illusions. We must return ALL of our energy to creation and then let NATURE take its course.. If we connect to our word and even our letters we can create reality. But people havent been paying attention to the people in power and they have been existing anyway.

But I give it none of my energy - and very purposefully too...

" you shall have none of my divine thoughts and moments for your game" and "I see you and your suffering and one day you shall awake too." And "you are also loved as I am and you are my brothers and sisters." By our consciously chosen thoughts of...

This is as graphic as it can get and as close to 'home' as is humanly possible.

(Sheeple - Arthur calls this) If something continually disturbs us or stresses us in an ongoing way - we have to shut down our 'Feeling' to cope and survive.The Pinneal Gland in the Brain might be the most important piece of our body. Yet we have been taking in Flouride and damaging it for a long time. We are acknowledging what is, but co-creating in that moment a conscious response to that ENERGY. This act re-instates us as the powerful forces of Creation that WE ARE.It is a very subtle thing to be fully aware of something, anything, and be fully conscious that you give it none of your energy. and also as simple as saying to the waiter - "those are lovely deserts but I will pass, thank you..I may say things you already know in my reply here- but this is an act of consciousness within the presence of what your thoughts have brought to my own awareness in this moment. And returning our attention, thoughts, consciousness and energy to CREATION = LIFE, NATURE, LOVE , EACH OTHER.This NWO is an illusion (a man-made image) that is not of Creation - and as we now return our whole selves to the bosom of creation, the human energy that has previously perpetuated this madness is not available...and so the "OLD WORLD ORDER" is crumbling as Creation asserts itself in its fullest divine power - through US and BY our consciousness.