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She ran away again, and authorities sent her to the Houston emergency shelter.

That's where, 15 minutes later, she ran for the final time, back into the arms of her pimp.

“We are pleasure beings, we are meant to enjoy sex and pleasure and all things can be orgasmic,” Maile stated in the video.

“I’ve had a lot people ask me if it’s okay to breastfeed and have sex.

Nearly two years ago, a vlogger named Tasha Maile posted a controversial video titled “Do I Have Sex While Breastfeeding?

” In the clip, which has been viewed nearly 4 million times since it was published in September 2015, the San Diego resident recalled doing the deed while nursing her son simultaneously.

Every time you have sex, you give someone the greatest gift they will ever receive.

Buried in Jack's 2015 decision — and largely missed in subsequent discussions about foster care in Texas — was the fact that Mia was a victim of a crime that top Texas leaders have been publicly battling for more than a decade.

Sex trafficking is "one of the most heinous crimes facing our society," Attorney General Ken Paxton told reporters at a January news conference, flanked by posters with pictures of kids that read "I AM NOT FOR SALE." Gov.

Greg Abbott made the fight against sex trafficking — which he calls "modern day slavery" —one of the 10 key issues of his gubernatorial campaign, and he previously spent years focused on it as attorney general. Yet for all the energy the state's leaders pour into anti-sex-trafficking rhetoric, most of their focus has been on arresting and convicting pimps, not rehabilitating their prey.

They've devoted hardly any resources to the victims whose testimony is essential to putting sex traffickers behind bars.