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Robert Lacey, the Jidda-based author of explains that only when revenues from the hajj pilgrims fell drastically, during the Depression, did the Saudis allow infidel American engineers to enter the country and start exploring for oil.

Before 9/11, Saudi Arabia was in fact gearing up to welcome, or at least accept, a trickle of non-Muslim visitors, dropping a handkerchief to the world.

The council is currently studying a bill that proposes granting Saudi nationality to foreigners married to Saudi women in order to foster security in marriage and make their daily lives easier.

Still, many have warned women of giving expats an easy shortcut to material and sociopolitical gain.

When I suggested we visit, Abdullah smiled with sweet exasperation.

It was a smile I would grow all too accustomed to from Saudi men in the coming days.

But this cemetery bit took me aback.“Can they go in if they’re dead?

,” I asked.“Women can be buried there,” he conceded, “but you are not allowed to go in and look into it.”So I can only see a dead woman if I’m a dead woman? It’s the most bewitching, bewildering, beheading vacation spot you’ll never vacation in.

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I had visited Saudi Arabia twice before, and knew it was the hardest place on earth for a woman to negotiate.

Under a glowing Arab moon on a hot winter night, Abdullah was showing off the jewels of his city—charming green, blue, and brown houses built on the Red Sea more than a hundred years ago.

The houses, empty now, are stretched tall to capture the sea breeze on streets squeezed narrow to capture the shade.

Women traveling on their own have generally needed government minders or permission slips.

A Saudi woman can’t even report harassment by a man without having a or male guardian, by her side.