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Now, he’s taking the New York Comedy Festival by storm, headlining the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on Thursday.

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No amount of begging by my sister and I could pull Dad away from the idea of a Christmas Cruise.With our college classes ending early in the month, Dad was able to score to a week of cruise ship "fun" the week before Christmas and before the prices doubled. I'm sharing a cabin with Holly," I groaned, unconvinced.

Mom and Dad checked on us while Holly and I fought over storage space. " "No way," I said, not believing she had done anything while I was in the shower. Girls do it, too." "Maybe, but not as often as guys." "Says you," she shot back and it pissed me off. I waited to hear the shower running, except she didn't take one that night.

Holly found the remote for the TV and put on one of those cheesy, late-night skin flicks. It would serve her right if I jerked off in the shower, right on the soap! I smeared my white, creamy coating across the soap for her. I smirked as I rubbed my aching cock and wondered if I had enough time to get off before she got out of the shower. Mom and Dad tried talking us into some lame nightclub version of A Christmas Carol. You've already seen them," she said, wiggling out of her shorts, exposing her thong panties.

Grinning to myself, that's just what I did, holding the soap in front of my hard cock as I sprayed it with thick, ropey strands of my hot cum. I dried off and pulled on a pair of boxer shorts before heading back into the cabin. I decided not to risk it, but the goofy grin I wore when she came back into the cabin sure made her suspicious. Somehow, we dodged that bullet of mandatory family fun time and retreated back to our cabin. Thankfully, she kept those on as she stepped into the bathroom area.

Florida had been warm, but after spending the day and evening sailing south, it was even warmer! We just have to pretend we're a couple until we get down to business." "But, I'll see you naked," I protested, wondering why it didn't matter to her. (Technically, cabins are referred to as "staterooms," except ours felt too small to over glorify it.) Once we reached the room, Holly pulled off her t-shirt and bra. I changed into a nice pair of shorts and a Polo shirt while I waited for her to do her face and hair. Holly had changed into a white sundress that showed off her glowing tan. She had done her hair, put on make-up, and looked hot as hell. Holly and I had grown up with that typical love/hate relationship siblings feel.

We checked in with our parents and quickly abandoned them in search of our own fun. " she asked as she saw my eyes bulging out of my head. " I shook my head, as confused as ever until she spelled it out for me. She ran her eyes over me, clearly inspecting my choice of attire and decided, "You look good," she said, running her eyes over me and smiling. No one could make me laugh harder than her and no one could get underneath my skin faster.