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Therefore, we have: , so we must evaluate 1/0, which is undefined. This is not surprising because f is not differentiable at zero.
Afterward, he comes to know regarding her problems and Sailaja hates the police.

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The Poe is very shy and will quickly migrate to another painting if you get too close.

Shoot each picture with the Poe in it until the Poe is released from the last picture. Lock onto her and shoot her with your bow (or slash her with your sword) only when she is visible.

Go through the door into the next room and climb the vines on the right all the way to the top, making sure to free the path of the Skulltulas with your Hookshot beforehand.

To reach the very last one, stand right next to the wall and look straight up at it.

Step on the red switch to drain the water from the nearby well. Climb the ladder down into the well and follow the short tunnel to a chest containing a Small Key.

You can use a Deku Nut to make her reappear immediately.

Touch it with your shield or use the Hookshot to ground it and then slash away with the sword to dispatch it.) In the next room a pair of Stalfos is your opponent.

Keep your shield up at all times, as they are powerful foes.

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