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Formula cells not updating excel

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Have searched the web, but did not get any satisfactory answer.

I do not want to convert the data to a table, since it messes up the filters and formatting.

Consider, for example, the following simple formula: What if you don? You might try adding some dollar signs to the address, but this only affects addresses in formulas that are later copied; it doesn? is to modify the formula itself to use different worksheet functions.

t affect the formula itself if you insert or delete cells that affect the formula. For instance, you could use this formula in cell C7: What this formula does is to construct an address based on whatever cell the formula appears in.

So it is not related to my computer or my version of Excel. hello, help me how can i solve the ff A B C Di need to add the value of A to C and the value of C should not be changed if i delete A is should be constant and must add to C if i inter a number to short the value of C should be increase as i inter data to A.please, please help help.... I am managing a database that is inter-related another's database.

I have cross checked their 500 records but I have no way of knowing when a record is added to the other db.

Macros don't solve the problem either - they don't copy to the row following the blank one.

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This formula is similarly undisturbed if you happen to insert or delete cells in either column A or B.

(What would a spreadsheet be without formulas, after all?

) If you use address references in a formula, those references are automatically updated if you insert or delete cells, rows, or columns and those changes affect the address reference in some way.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I am using the data of Top 20 countries by GDP.

The intent is to create an excel drop down list with search suggestion mechanism, such that it shows a drop down with the matching options as I type in the search bar.