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I witnessed with alarm as he led more than two dozen adults and a few teens onto a pier. Most surprisingly, I didn’t see anyone open their eyes.

When he reached the end of the dock and realized that it was not a bridge, he calmly explained the situation, turned and doubled the line back on the narrow passage. The year before, I went on a Blind Field Shuttle walk in and around Ottawa City Hall. By voluntarily turning off vision, and surrendering individual agency for a shared trust, Blind Field Shuttle engenders an hour and a half of heightened consciousness: of our bodies, surroundings, and most importantly, our interrelationships. I reverse blinked at least a half dozen times in the first two minutes.

Blind Field Shuttle is a generous gift to the sight privileged.

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Papalia defamiliarizes the routine so that we might better appreciate its nuances and the felt architecture of our senses and sensibilities.We not only get a faint sense of what his life might be like, we also feel Papalia’s greater authority in this territory.By performing competency, he demonstrates his abilities, his agency ahead of his needs.We volunteer to momentarily repress our dominant sense so that we can experience our environment as a non-visual space.But we also get a hint of Carmen’s social subjectivity, not only his experience as a person who is not seeing, but as a person seen as “blind.” I felt anxiety and peril when I turned off sight, but I also felt excitement and growing competency. But the sense of being on display, and the stress of not knowing how I was being seen or unseen never expired. Instead of a sight-dominant person leading a non-visual learner, this participatory performance has a non-visual learner guiding the sight-privileged.In all his works, Carmen Papalia shows us what he needs, what we all need: to be assisted according to our changing individual needs, to be in a community of mutual care.