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If you read otherwise, unless it is from the US Geological Survey, be skeptical. I don’t think they actually are (and if you look at the article that started this on the BBC, you’ll see exactly that).

Rather, just like pondering what to do about a potential asteroid impact, they wanted to consider if anything could be done if Yellowstone started to show signs of a massive eruption.

” but the sort of stuff that helps ensure survival rather than trying to hit the mid-court (if your basket is, say, in the orbit of Mars) shot.

We aren’t even close to the technology to do this easily in a volcanically unstable area.

A massive eruption would have profound climate impacts for decades, but note: There are no identified mass extinctions related to giant Yellowstone eruptions.

Yet, although the caldera has these massive eruptions, the likelihood of such an eruption is very low.

They are such uncommon events that we don’t even know if they happen with any cyclicality.