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— **Disclaimer:** I have had no problem with any of the programs used in this tutorial, but you should always do your own due diligence before downloading any program from the internet.

Rygard – [Grizzly Bairs]( Hey Rygard, Thanks for putting this up!

I had some problems with bluestacks programme before, so I have used an alternative : Handy Andy. Here are the steps: -Make a facebook account if you haven’t -Download the android emulator so you can run android on pc [here]( and pick the free version -Install it and start the emultor by selecting the shortcut with a blue robotic icon (andy) -When you run the android emulator, a google message will ask you to login or make a new account.

-Make a google account if you haven’t or simply login with an existing account -The program will do some updates, so wait a moment -Now you should be in the menu -On the bottom right you will see a shopping bag with a “play” arrow on it, click on that icon -On the upper right you will see a white magnifying glass, click it -Search for line and get the first hit (LINE: Free Calls & Message) - Install this app - Open the app and link it to your facebook account - Now go to upper right and select the tab “more” - Select settings - Select Accounts - Select the upper option “Email Account Registration” and complete this registration. - Now you can close the emulator and start up the official Line app PC version - Just login with the email password you have created within the emulator Have fun and meet you guild mates!

: D ikke2902 – Teddy Bairs Just a heads up PC line does have its problems though. can’t see when a member joins) - Unable to view notes/timeline.