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A Different Spin on Nature – Spokane's Japanese Garden is tucked inside Manito Park, and offers visitors a different brand of natural tranquility.
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I did say the Canon 70-200/4LIS seems better than the new Nikon one (except VR). In fact, I’ll pose a question for you: do you honestly need the 20, 24, 36, or however many MP your camera captures? That is all.micasa: "I’m sure lots of you will answer, absolutely – you m43 shooters may be happy with lower resolution, but *you’re not me*. "are you trying to say that 35mm users are not actually forced to buy m4/3 equipment?I’m sure lots of you will answer, absolutely – you m43 shooters may be happy with lower resolution, but *you’re not me*. wasn't this some kind of mandatory provision in order to be allowed to be allowed to use a 35mm camera?but then how is this format supposed to be profitable, without people being forced to spend money on it?[cont'd]Then there’s the fact that we’re not talking about identical resolutions.50/1.4: Canon 360, Nikon 440, and Sony 420, 70-200/4: Canon 1,250 and Nikon 1,400 US.

Didn't matter to them, though, they just loved my picture. all this talk about equivalence and nobody even posted the equivalent fl and f-stop for APS, the only valid format for comparison since there are no full frame mirrorless.

NFC (Near Field Communication) allows you to tap the phone against a compatible smartphone and that transfers all the information the phone needs to agree a Wi-Fi connection, making it quick and easy to do Is no-one going to mention the advantages of MORE depth of field in low light conditions with the latest m FT systems?

f2.4 on an FF is often as good as it gets for sharpness and getting what you actually want in the area in focus. I have a Nikon FX camera, 14-24mm, 50, 70-200mm and my Olympus E-M5, 14mm, 20mm, 30mm, and a lousy zoom that I rarely touch.

You’re justifiably pointing out that m43 lenses are more expensive, for what they are, than their 35mm counterparts (although you’re cherry-picking using 25mm vs.

50mm, the latter being a very easy focal length to design a 35mm format lens for).