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I’m no expert on “my” culture, which is already a complex blend of many things, and I do love talking to people I learn new things from.
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I have had experiences, similar to this one, where white gay men have touched my body non-consensually and defended themselves by insisting it’s okay because they are gay. Too often white males use their centuries-old sense of entitlement to molest black women’s bodies and justify it with ‘harmless’ intentions and solidarity.While both gay men and black women face oppression, being gay does not equate to being black and therefore unwanted harassment is not justified merely because both groups are marginalised.It is presumed that I and my black female friends have entered the club for the sole purpose of putting on a show for the white men hovering at the edges of the room.It is presumed that we will wine, grind, twerk and get low – which, hey, we might! but not for the entertainment of the creepy onlookers.- We care much about your privacy: only your matches are allowed to see your hot private photos!- Wild is for all: no matter you are looking for hookups, dating, relationship with straight, bisexual, lesbian or gay, we've got you covered! Download the OFFICIAL Wild Dating app and start browsing, chatting & dating for free now!Whether it’s a feather headdress or an afro wig (which always has to be accompanied by gold chains and/or blackface), white people treat the traditional and ancestral clothing, make-up, hairstyles and general identities of other cultures as costumes – as fashion trends that they can discard at the end of the evening.

- Connecting with matches has never been so easy: If you get a match/mutual like, we will let you know and you can chat for FREE!Following on from other forms of non-consensual touching, clubs are proof that you no longer have to ask a lady’s hand for a dance.While I do not wish to revert to some Downton Abbey–esque heteronormative and cissexist society, I am tired of – and to be honest, quite frightened by – the fact that at any moment, my enjoyment of “Uptown Funk” could be ruined by the feeling of an erect dick rubbing up against me.While there are cultural forms of dancing that simulate dry humping or sex such as daggering, those dance forms are not traditional to Vancouver.Where they are practised, they should always be predicated on free, enthusiastically given consent.We dance for our own reasons – to embody traditional and cultural influences in our steps because we enjoy our bodies and the movements they make, to express ourselves, to learn from one another, to just exist and to be – and it is our right to do so free from harassment and observation.