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A spokesman for the UNHCR Cairo office tells VOA that the card protects refugees from being deported to their home countries. “We do know that the students love to come here, because they know it’s a safe place, and it is a place that they will see love.” I’m Caty Weaver.

An agreement between the UNHCR and Egypt reached in 1954 permits refugees from some countries to send their children to Egyptian schools and to receive care at government-operated medical facilities.

Rupke says that one boy was so traumatized by what he had seen in his home country that he was unable to speak. She asked him ‘draw your village,” and he drew his village, and he drew his father and his mother and his siblings, and they were in pieces. ,’ he pointed to some pieces on the ground.” After he drew the picture and worked with the psychologist, the little boy began to talk. African refugee families often struggle to earn enough money to pay for food. It can be difficult for many African refugees to stay in Egypt.

Then, a psychologist at the school got him to draw pictures of what had happened. Jean-Pie has taught at the African Hope School since 2003. Jean-Pie told VOA that when he began, he and his co-workers went looking for refugee children under Cairo's bridges and in its public gardens. They must receive an “asylum-seeker card” from the United Nations refugee agency. Chris Rupke says teachers work hard and show the students love.

For example, the numeral "3" is used to represent the Arabic letter ⟨)—note the choice of a visually similar character, with the numeral resembling a mirrored version of the Arabic letter.

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Thus, the Arabic chat alphabet has become commonplace. Because of the informal nature of this system, there is no single "correct" or "official" usage.

There may be some overlap in the way various letters are transliterated.

Educators and volunteers in Egypt are teaching the children of refugee families from many African countries.

They are working with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, churches and non-governmental organizations, or NGOs.