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Jesse Green: Reed Birney in THE HUMANS joins Jayne Houdyshell as a New York theater treasure finally acknowledged. Plus Brandon Victor Dixon and Christopher Fitzgerald (who was a hoot). Jesse Green: Both costume design winners – Tazewell and Ramos – are men of color. Jesse Green: I can only say what’s going on in my house. (Tituss is a Broadway performer.) Chuck Hardy: What’s going on in the theater during the ads? (I went for Ann Roth and Fisher/Eisenhauer in Shuffle Along for both.) Funjamin: Haha. Linds: Best design of a play: WINNER: Natasha Katz, Long Day’s Journey Into Night Bdway Scott: Patti Lu Pone loves it… Linds: Hamilton got lighting and costumes and I will have to look up the play ones, EW has a running list Funjamin: Andrew Lloyd Webber on tambourine deserves an Emmy.

Jesse Green: Featured Actor features Reed Birney, in what amounts to a leading role; he should win. I suspect at the Beacon some of those tech awards are being given out. Linds: She Loves Me got Scenic Design Nuyguy: Lost sets to She loves me. Julie: Set Design went to She Loves Me Funjamin: This Kinmy Schmitt commercial with Titus and Hamilton is great. Jesse Green: ALW on tambourine looks so very comfortable. I’m endeared by what I’ve seen of Brightman and the kids (namely the kid who performed at the MTC Mis Cast Gala).

Jesse Green: 35 of his 42 years as an actor were “pretty bad.” That should be on the front page of all acting school catalogs. Jesse Green: Lucy Liu and JTF present directors of a play. Jesse Green: SHE LOVES ME and CABARET share book writer Joe Masteroff. Jesse Green: Just want to note here, as always, the weird preponderance of pharmaceutical commercials during the Tonys. Jesse Green: Daveed Diggs also wins for best smile. spent time with him backstage years ago during Spring Awakening. Fantastic, witty, tragic costumes for the Liberian women – mostly wearing American castoffs, like a Tweety Bird T-shirt. Molly: Shuffle Along deserved it for costumes, absolutely. I want to see the Tony awards not get a political speach!

Jesse Green: Birney gives “full credit” to Joe Mantello for his performance. Bdway Scott: I agree - would love to have seen Christopher Fitzgerald win… Jesse Green: Looks like my bar mitzvah suit crashed into my mother’s mother of the bar mitzvah dress. Jesse Green: The three HAM men up against each other for supporting actor in a musical. tonyashamed: Again Hillery and Obama praise and Trump bashing. Linds: Costume design of a play: Clint Ramos, Eclipsed Jesse Green: So Hamilton won for costumes and lighting, apparently – I’ve already got two wrong!

Plus, the performances alone will be worth the price of turning on your TV. Nuyguy: Hamilton needs to win 3 more to beat Producers record. Jesse Green: Ana Villafane’s wig is a very good match for Gloria Estefan’s. Jesse Green: Marvelous aria to Law & Order, the theater’s pension system.

Nuyguy: That’s really a function of what was on Broadway this year. Jesse Green: My mistake; I somehow was counting Miranda. Jesse Green: Audra beaming as she announces a category she for once doesn’t have to contend in. Jesse Green: Classy Leslie Odom speech – as from al the Ham winners. Jesse Green: I agree it’ll be a big deal, but it’s a bit early to give it the Tony. Jesse Green: Four musical categories left: Best Musical, Best Revival, Best Leading Actor and Actress. That being said, Jessie is the main reason to see the show.But the other were all excellent as well – David Furr hilarious in Noises Off. Several of my friends would disown me and accuse me of heresy… Jesse Green: If they don’t do the bottle dance I am writing a letter to the editor. Jesse Green: “Josh Groban” auto corrects to “Josh Groan.” Jesse Green: Josh Groban in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF in high school is spot on. Also, weird for a Netflix show to advertise on network. And Edie Brickell couldn’t get the high note in Tomorrow. But the number drags on for too long…Appreciate the kids’ talent though!Jesse Green: Winner of the skinniest presenters award. Jesse Green: And Hofesh Shechter’s new dance for the wedding. Jesse Green: Even in this adapted version of it, you see here the beauty of Bart Sher’s staging. Jesse Green: “There are stories to be told and people who want to hear them.” Jesse Green: Karl wins it, of course. Jesse Green: So Hamilton has its first two awards (in tech categories). Linds: he’s a little intense but a fun number Jesse Green: Do you know who won?Julie: Lacamoire won best Orchestrations for Hamilton! Jesse Green: And Mantello has won twice for directing. Jesse Green: I doubt we’ll see any of the technical awards on air — lighting, set design, costumes, orchestration.Last year we didn’t even see book and score of a musical on the telecast, but somehow, in the Hamiltonys, I think we will tonight. Jesse Green: They will first cut the Best Musical award entirely. I’ve been tricked by Josh Groban’s beard at least three times.