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“I still have one of my knothole passes,” Billy says.
But here are some other interesting tidbits about the popular Southern belle:1. She's said to have dated another famous driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr.10. Someone named "Sutton" commented on a story on Emily, writing, "Emily was my roommate freshmen year of high school - she is a sweet down to earth girl who deserves nothing but the best.

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[Read: 10 dirty drinking games for naughty boys and girls] #5 Quarters.This game is really simple and can be done while watching a movie at home or even waiting for the pizza to arrive for a movie night. Then you take turns bouncing the quarter into your date’s cup.All you need is a deck of cards, some beer or equivalent, and some liquor.The rules are basically the same, however, whenever the other person gets a pair, you take a drink from your beer.Then, you place it on your TV at random and turn on the movie. Sure, video games may not be the best choice for a date idea, but if your date is really into this kind of thing and gets competitive, it’s perfect.Whenever the mustache is placed on someone’s face right above their lip – where it would really be – you take a drink. This game requires you to be good at math and pay close attention! Play the game normally, and whoever comes in a place ahead of the other wins. You can even switch this up more with playing a tournament where the losers of each game take a shot, and the overall loser takes a shot at the very end.If you really want to make an impression on someone new, then you can’t just go for the typical date night.You want to plan your own kind of date night that’s unique to the things you like and that will make your date have the time of their life.

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This is where you ask each other the same question and then on the count of three, you answer it and see if your date can guess your answer correctly.

This is another game that can be played without alcohol, but drinking just makes it so much more fun.

You probably have played this at work or at school in order to get to know someone. Now, this game can be a little tricky with someone who you’re only on a first or second date with.

Whoever has the most matches at the end wins, and the loser has to take a shot!

[Read: Game time – 40 saucy truth or dare ideas for a really fun night] #2 Never have I ever.