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Click on the enter key to move to the next word found. Throughout this guidance document, the different chapters set out how a local authority should go about performing its care and support responsibilities.

You have an option to print the entire Care Act guidance (approximately 375 pages) or select a page range. Underpinning all of these individual ‘care and support functions’ (that is, any process, activity or broader responsibility that the local authority performs) is the need to ensure that doing so focuses on the needs and goals of the person concerned.

1.8 A local authority can promote a person’s wellbeing in many ways.

How this happens will depend on the circumstances, including the person’s needs, goals and wishes, and how these impact on their wellbeing.

1.7 Promoting wellbeing involves actively seeking improvements in the aspects of wellbeing set out above when carrying out a care and support function in relation to an individual at any stage of the process from the provision of information and advice to reviewing a care and support plan.

Wellbeing covers an intentionally broad range of the aspects of a person’s life and will encompass a wide variety of specific considerations depending on the individual.

1.12 The principle of promoting wellbeing should be embedded through the local authority care and support system, but how the local authority promotes wellbeing in practice will depend on the particular function being performed.

During the assessment process, for instance, the local authority should explicitly consider the most relevant aspects of wellbeing to the individual concerned, and assess how their needs impact on them.

There is no hierarchy, and all should be considered of equal importance when considering ‘wellbeing’ in the round.Local authorities must consider how to meet each person’s specific needs rather than simply considering what service they will fit into.The concept of meeting needs also recognises that modern care and support can be provided in any number of ways, with new models emerging all the time, rather than the previous legislation which focuses primarily on traditional models of residential and domiciliary care.Taking this approach will allow for the assessment to identify how care and support, or other services or resources in the local community, could help the person to achieve their outcomes.During care and support planning, when agreeing how needs are to be met, promoting the person’s wellbeing may mean making decisions about particular types or locations of care (for instance, to be closer to family).1.2 Local authorities must promote wellbeing when carrying out any of their care and support functions in respect of a person.