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With at least four satellite signals, it can also determine its height above the earth, which is useful for GPS receivers in the air, on the sea, or in mountainous regions.

Based on its exact longitude and latitude, the GPS can translate its location to a specific street or intersection.

As soon as the TMC is connected, it will search for a signal from SUNA (usually within seconds) and will actively display the traffic hotspots on your chosen route, if there are any.

Thankfully, you don’t need a mobile phone and it doesn’t cost you a cent more; no added data charges are involved.

GPS receivers, like those in a car, passively monitor these broadcasts.

Although the signals travel at the speed of light, the great distances involved mean that each signal arrives at a slightly different time.

To calculate a route from that information, the GPS database must also include data such as the lengths of various roads, traffic flow rules and the locations of intersections.

To incorporate data about ever-changing traffic and road conditions, however, GPS units must be able to receive live information over the air.

Calculating the time differences between each satellite, a GPS receiver can pinpoint its own location.

After receiving satellite broadcast signals from the satellites, a GPS receiver can calculate its own longitude and latitude.

To increase the number of variables that the GPS computer can consider when proposing a route, some models include the ability to receive wireless live traffic data. These satellites are about 11,500 above the earth, traveling at 9,000 mph and each has an atomic clock with the exact time.

The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a "constellation" of more than 24 satellites, known as Navstar, operated by the U. These satellites are synchronized to broadcast a signal simultaneously.