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Popular teenager Mandy Lane seems to have it all, including a deadly killer who will stop at nothing to get to her.Minimalist electronics back most of the tracks, with Ryan's gentle growl riding high in the mix..99 CD FRANK BLACK Christmass (Cooking Vinyl) Christmassy comprised of live acoustic recordings from summer 2006, along with five studio tracks recorded partly in hotel rooms and partly at Planet of Sound Studios in Hartford, Conneticut..99 CD ELENI MANDELL Miracle of Five (Zedtone) On her sixth album, Eleni Mandell delivers a magnificent, late night, lights-low set - her sexiest recording yet.Her captivating songwriting has taken an optimistic turn, concentrating on love found instead of love lost..99 CD MARK FOSSON Jesus on a Greyhound (New Light Entertainment) Fosson proves to be a hugely gifted writer and this album deserves to set the proverbial fields on fire.