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This can’t be done, I’m afraid, with gear you find at your local Radio Shack.

Obviously, you want it to go well, so that’s the main reason.

I don’t expect a response right away or even that day, especially if it’s a girl I’ve only gone out with once or twice, but we live in a world where everyone is glued to their phone, so it just seems insulting to go radio silent entirely.

Female friends of mine have said that the person is probably trying to avoid hurting my feelings because they are not actually interested, which is fine, but it hurts more to just be frozen out because there is still that lingering doubt.

Second is that maybe the guy didn’t have that good of a time and wants to just be polite. It could be that he’s not sure if you thought the date went well and he doesn’t want to be rejected, maybe he was looking for something casual and he realized the woman was looking for a relationship and he didn’t want to be an asshole and lead her on.

It doesn’t matter, there is so much you can read online about non verbal signals to where it can be done by either side.