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Tablets are great for watching porn - as long as you can find a porn app that works with your tablets. Sex Play Cam is an adult dating and personals site with a twist - it caters to real people who want to meet others for casual webcam chats and maybe a little flirting on the side.
I've tried everything resetting, I've had problems for 3 weeks trying to get it to work. I ended up doing a factory reset which, naturally, has solved the problem but is a bit drastic as my screen settings have returned to basic.

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Ms Casey from Fife in Scotland, deleted the app from Morgan's i Pad upon discovering the series of messages. 'It's frightening that a total stranger can send messages like that to young kids without being stopped.'I'm disgusted by what I've seen.The 24-year-old said: 'I felt physically sick when I saw some of the messages she'd received.'There was one calling her 'bae' and asking for her to call them 'daddy'. It could be used for grooming by paedophiles and all sorts.

Building a farm, lining up coloured diamonds, and raising cute pets isn’t necessarily a feminine pursuit – however when alternative gaming-adventures exist, such as blowing up buildings and racing cars, is a man forced into a decision based on expectation rather than strict gender roles? So far, all we know is that instead of going out with the other men to pillage and plunder, he’s choosing to stay back in the village with the women and do sewing and fishnet weaving. The very definition of the masculine “hunter gatherer” means going out and hunting animals.Social gaming didn’t bring gaming back to an even 50-50 split.Instead, it actually tipped the balance the other way, and attracted a largely female audience!The message was simple – it’s ok for men to play video games, because that meant hanging out with Alpha males, doing manly shit, and checking out beautiful females.The shake up however, and the question mark around gamer gender, arrived when gaming became social.I’m trying to get to the gym to complete back day – my favourite day.