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This is for prospective parents, people in the process of trying to get pregnant and/or adopt, and for parents with children who are looking to expand their families.
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Residents would then have to drive 45 minutes to locate a department store.

(1) Now I am just writing here about robberies and burglaries of local stores.

Yet, most retail workers around here are non-white people . and don’t progressives supposedly care so much about them?

But instead, laws are liberalized by those very same liberals.

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For minimum wage salaries, cashiers have to put their lives at stake trying to stop shoplifters.A Staples store in a nearby town closed recently because of theft.A Ross Store and a JC Penney’s in downtown Berkeley closed years ago because of so much crime.I am not documenting the horrendous street crime — the muggings, beatings, rapes, and even murders that are commonplace around here.And then there is the escalating crime on BART — where emboldened criminals are seizing BART trains, terrorizing, robbing, and beating ordinary citizens.And day after day, innocent people are being traumatized, robbed, and injured by the ever increasing and emboldened sociopaths. Not only are there thefts and robberies, but drive-by shootings are not uncommon around the mall and in violence-plagued Richmond. All of the surrounding areas: Albany, El Cerrito, Emeryville, Richmond, Oakland, etc. And there is even crime spreading to the nicer suburbs — as a Home Depot in affluent Danville was taken over and robbed; and a Rite Aid in Pleasant Hill was robbed at gunpoint recently.