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Although never completely validated or invalidated by the band, the lyrics and video suggest a homoerotic encounter on the dancefloor.
In order to participate, the one basic requirement is you need to be a minimum of 13 years of age or older.

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She is bleeding from all holes, and her white shirt is starting to look red and white.

She starts to slide down the wall and he catches her, trying not to make too much mess on the wall from the wound on her back. He tells her she is the Coldest bitch ever and has plans for her body afterwards.

He arrives and cradle carries her to the house and inside.

He piscks her up and cradle carries her to the bed of the truck, tucking her in and eventually covering her up with a quilt so her body doesn’t start to get water logged from the rain that is coming. This is one I had to act so the camera work is very steady, long sequences, lots of full wide angles and sequences.He grabs her clothing and sets it close then goes to gather a few things he will need to bury her deep in the woods.He then comes back in(after her naked body is panned and viewed and he re dresses her head to toe, though he keeps the panties for his collection.When she finally figures it out and looks up, it is too late, she tries raising her 9mm pistol but he fires 3 rounds into her right side, sending her up against the wall.She looks at him puzzled, then pissed off, and tries to dive and roll across the bed while trying to fire, but he plugs her with 2 rounds, one in her back close to her spine which furthers the immobility of her gun arm.He checks her out but wants to get off the road and back to his place.