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How long have adam levine and behati prinsloo been dating

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"Let’s define this," says Levine, turning on that twinkly-eyed smile, the one that has brought many a groupie to her knees.At 35, Levine’s face is still boyish, the biceps peeking out of his red Hawaiian shirt formidably toned."It’s funny to listen to their recordings from back then," says Valentine, who joined the band in 2001, around the time they changed their name to Maroon 5. It’s not "He’s very defiant in doing a lot of the things that make him happy," says Valentine. "Your opening line can be: ’You don’t have to like me, but I’d prefer it if you did.’ That’s kind of how I feel."Adam was trying to sing like Eddie Vedder, which is funny, because Adam is a baritone. "Like, ’I want to live the life I want to and I am not going to feel any guilt about it.’ And other people don’t really want to root for a guy like that."Just as, back in the ’90s, when Levine violated the rules of budding rock stardom by acknowledging his ambition, he has since broken the Just Like Us vow of celebrity: Never act like you are having too much fun. I’m not the easiest person to love right off the bat, you know.Then they went through a Green Day sort of punk phase. "Every day," he’d said to me, "every single day, at some point, I think to myself, this is so great. If I knew everyone in the world, they would love me.Then they went way out and were into a Britpop period. Every single last fucking one of them."A morning session of yoga at the Mercer hotel has loosened up his P90X’ed body and left Levine limber enough to be able to give a small wave to the Maroon 5 fans clustered outside the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of In the film, Levine plays Dave, a struggling singer-songwriter who becomes an overnight success.He grabs a coconut water from the fridge and gingerly eases his body onto a floral-upholstered bench in the breakfast nook.The house came fully furnished by its owner, a Famous TV Personality who favors the English country style and anything with inspirational wisdom printed on it.

Because, well, there's just something about him, and he knows it *Adam Levine wrote this headline. " says Adam Levine, pushing aside the remains of his egg-white omelet.

And then they had a weird left turn into like jam-band stuff, like Phish and Dave Matthews Band." Then Levine discovered Stevie Wonder and had a kind of revelation. But I don’t have to deal with it, because I don’t have that. "He heads to the bathroom to process all the coconut waters, leaving me to ponder these deep questions alone. At first, says the director, John Carney, "it felt a bit stunty" to cast Levine in the role.

Like Stevie, he has a high-pitched register, a voice that, he found, was best suited to bouncy, Motown-inflected pop. Back at the diner, he’d come up with three indicators of douchiness. But he says Levine was actually pretty good at making the character, who cheats on his indie-singer girlfriend, played by Keira Knightley, and ultimately chooses the wide world of rock stardom over their small life together, seem sympathetic.

I guess we were freshmen or sophomores in high school. "We were like a shitty version of Weezer, you know, trying to be alternative radio."Still, he felt, the band was destined for success. "Or masking deep insecurity with too much security," he said. Modern celebrities are supposed to be hiding cellulite and driving Priuses, not driving flamboyant Ferraris and dating models and exposing extremely enviable, well-toned abs.

And this producer was like literally walking his dog and heard us, and he came in and watched the show." The next thing they knew, they were on the actual performing at the Peach Pit and getting excused early from class so they could go into the studio with the guy who produced Green Day. It’s not like he believes in "The Secret or all that bullshit, which is total bullshit," he says, but "energetically, I always felt really positive, like good things were going to happen." All his band had to figure out was what kind of band they were going to be. Arguably, posing naked on the cover of a Russian magazine with his last Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend could fit the bill. Even though all those things, like weed and tacos, are objectively awesome.