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How to deactivate oracle auto updating

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Java Update is a feature that keeps your Windows computer up-to-date with the latest Java releases.

When you have auto update enabled, your system periodically checks for new versions of Java.

Java provides a convenient switch on its control panel for stopping the periodic update checks -- the only problem is it doesn't work.

As soon as you close the control panel, the update alert feature switches back on.

If you've been using the previous version of the script, I'd suggest grabbing this updated version and testing, then using that.

If you get annoyed when the Java Auto Update alert intrudes on your work, you may have tried to turn the feature off.

We are not able to disable the automatic update function of Java.Do note that Java is a moving target and may make changes that make this solution no longer work, so your mileage may vary.But, I’m hoping this information will help everyone out there in the meantime.Java-Updater.plistor defaults write /Library/Launch Agents/com. Java-Updater.plist Disabled -bool yes would do the\~ I've updated the script on the linked thread to also suppress the update prompt when you open a Java app while using an older version of Java.In order to perform all of these steps you’ll need to have PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy both running in Pro mode or higher.