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Only Konami OTS are permitted to host a Sneak Peek.Sneak Peeks are run as casual events, meaning the level of rules enforcement is light to moderate.This Sneak Peek mat also features the new card zones!

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Players match up against others in the event at their own discretion.

If a player wins a Sneak Peek Game Mat as a door prize or drawing while he/she is currently enrolled in a Sneak Peek tournament, they must drop from the tournament to be eligible for the Sneak Peek Game Mat being awarded as a door prize or drawing.

Sneak peek participants are only eligible to win a maximum of one (1) Sneak Peek Game Mat per location per day. There are two (2) event Sneak Peek formats in North America: Open Dueling (Sealed) & Tournament (Constructed).

OTS and staff should be able to assist Duelists that may have difficulties finding other Duelists to Duel against.

Q: What is “Sealed” format for the Sneak Peek Open Dueling?