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When she found out, Liberty was disgusted with Emma and the two of them temporarily ended their friendship. worked together to create the school play 'Dracula'. Kelly answers that this was the last room available. Later that day, Kelly absentmindedly walks in the room while Liberty is changing, and hides from embarrassment.

However, it appeared that Chris was never interested in Liberty to begin with. Given the tragic shooting that left Jimmy paralyzed and Rick dead, Mr. T.'s idea to create such a dark, morbid play such as 'Dracula'. Emma shows up with breakfast for everyone, but is left alone because they already had plans.

Liberty was the only character that was not shown during the school shooting or even in the aftermath of it, so her feelings or reactions to it are never revealed. Thinking that the principal was being merely mean and controlling, Liberty sang a song expressing her resentment to Mr. Feeling lonely, Emma is calling home when Kelly walks in.

She tells him that she plans on going home until Frosh Week is over because she can’t make new friends.

There's a picture of her and her friends streaking the campus on the newspaper.

Once Liberty gets back to the sorority, she finds out whether she's kicked out or not.

In Jane Says (1), Liberty was seen as part of the Degrassi Alumni football team.

She was at the Dot to organize with the Alumni Football team, but also to study for exams and other things for college.

As it turns out, Liberty had dyscalculia, a learning disability affecting her ability to learn math. This put a strain on Liberty and Emma's friendship since the latter was the cause of the untrue rumor starting(although she didn't spread it). decided to keep the baby, and a they got back together a few episodes later, because they still had feelings for each other. Stressed with losing Liberty's trust, Toby's friendship, his job and his family, J. overdosed on Oxycodone, but thanks to Jay's call to 911, he survived, however, he was put on suicide watch. Manny sees them sneak off and privately confronts her who tells her to stay away from Damian.Her closest friends are Toby Isaacs, Emma Nelson, Manny Santos and J. Liberty is highly intelligent, but she is revealed to have a learning disability in season 1. do his homework as payback, but eventually decided to do the mature thing and support his sister. Liberty and Toby went to the movie premiere of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh! To make her feel better, Derek told Liberty that he was adopted and his mother sent him a treasure chest so he could communicate with her through mail, memory items, etc. She was at the hospital and was embraced by everyone around her in mourn upon finding out J. Liberty and Damian find that they're attracted to each other during a meeting at The Dot, but he later gives her mixed signals, which made her make a mean speech about him, but felt bad about after she won the vote for valedictorian and listening to Damian's speech.This did not faze her from achieving over the years. Liberty appeared again before the baby was born, but J. but they were not allowed into the after party because they were not MVP's. So, when her son's parents announce they are moving to Seattle, Washington, Liberty and J. put together a memory box, so that one day their child can find them and learn about them. and Liberty seem to be friends again, and they definitely still have feelings for each other. was able to straighten everything out with Mia & then he confronts her about everything saying that she is miserable and seeing him happy burns her. responded that he had a girlfriend but Liberty asked if he loved Mia, angry hearing a yes she states she thinks J. is a coward who won't admit to her before running off. Later, she & Damian make up and become a thing, although Liberty feels guilty because she is Emma's friend that is his girlfriend.In Didn't We Almost Have It All, Liberty is all set to join her mother's sorority, Psi Alpha Zeta, but when a new sorority, Pi Gamma Pi, appears to her with more options but higher prospects, she tries to prove to Dakota and everyone that she can handle the party lifestyle.Manny and Emma tell Liberty that she should still be herself and shouldn't change for the sorority.She also showed her jealousy when Emma won the school's science fair. Seemingly content with her new romance, Liberty felt comfortable enough to advise J. to ask Manny to the dance, knowing that he developed feelings for her. Manny introduces her to Gwen, her roommate, but Emma ignores her.