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Popup Rooms - No chaging pages No changing pages when you want to view a broadcasters room. , well click the 'X' button to close and resume on the same page. Dual screen action Our double screen alows you to view one performer while you browse for others.

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A shape-shifting spider demon is recovering from an attack by a monk who wants her dead.

She chooses a high school as her nesting ground in order to feed on students or turn them into thralls.

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Starkly-drawn archetypes are the norm - the nymphomaniac stepmother, the shrinking violet, the school's Miss Popular or the uptight school teacher.

Kana is a frail, sweet child with an uncertain future who may not live to see adulthood due to a kidney disease, and as her big brother, the protagonist has the opportunity to become the de facto custodian of her remaining days. Early in the game, the young Takamichi must wrangle with his resentment toward Kana, both because of her continual fragility and because of the attention her parents heap upon her.

Throughout his maturation, he must cope with his own revulsion toward Kana's morbidity and his fear of loss to become the source of strength little Kana so desperately needs.

Could it be because sometimes, they're really good?

is well-ensconced as a fan favorite among H-gamers.