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Read the full article Oftentimes, staying healthy and looking attractive are one in the same. While there are ways to make things less uncomfortable, even the concept of a first date leads to inevitable awkwardness.

The desire to attract a partner can be a strong motivating factor to watch what you eat or go to the gym every week. Studies seem to support the idea that many daters feel motivated to stay fit when in a relationship or looking to get in a relationship. "You're so new to each other that you don't have any common ground yet," therapist Jill Whitney explains.

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It was surprised to learn that one-third of respondents had experienced "a ruined date" because the subject of politics came up and one partner did not like the other's opinion.HSH does not make or broker mortgages and is not beholden to any lender.Read what people say about our products and services.They rely upon our information because it is the best available -- from any source.Lenders do not pay us to include them in our reports.Rigorous quality control procedures ensure that the data are believable.