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Others, who do get in, have to settle for second-tier schools.Some even attend schools outside the country and and get licensed in the United States.The Post Baccalaureate Program curriculum consists of 70 percent of first-year medical school coursework.Among students who get a "B" or better in the program, more than 95 percent subsequently get into medical school."In law and business school, you need to be in the top 20 schools to get a job," Khan says."[But] in medical school, it's so hard to get in that people go to foreign medical schools." Many APIAs choose to attend foreign schools when they are not accepted to a school in the United States.She realizes the sacrifices that she must make to pursue her career as a doctor.

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Based on her understanding that 52 percent of medical students are women and 48 percent of the students are men at her school, she finds that career before marriage has become an acceptable route.

But even those APIAs who are offered spots at university programs and go on to practice, say they are confronted with a "glass ceiling" when trying to attain higher positions, such as head of a department, adminstrator or member of an academic faculty.

Although it may be true that the APIA presence in the field of medicine has increased, Daya Sandu, associate professor of psychology at the University of Louisville, points out that the stereotype of the "Asian American health professional" can be debilitating.

I have the personality that no matter what I do, I won't be sitting around.

I'm going to need help raising my kids, but I'm confident I want to be a doctor." Many APIAs who apply to medical school aren't accepted.