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Intimidating gorilla

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Tracking.track Image Shares('Facebook', '483940', '/2016/06/gorilla-shot-boy-zookeper-explains-harambe-amanda-odonoughue-cincinnati-zoo-4.jpg', ''); return false;"“I keep hearing that the Gorilla was trying to protect the boy. Harambe reaches for the boys hands and arms, but only to position the child better for his own displaying purposes.Males do very elaborate displays when highly agitated, slamming and dragging things about.Tusks erupt at 16 months but do not show externally until 30 months.Once weaned, usually at age 4 or 5, the calf still remains in the maternal group.Being an animal of such a large size, with no sweat glands and a dark body colour, elephants flap their ears to cool the body and rid themselves of irritating insects.Once ranging across most of Africa the Elephant population has declined dramatically across the continent.The female family groups are often visited by mature males checking for females in oestrus.

Due to rigorous conservation measures the Elephant population in South Africa has grown from a estimated 120 in 1920 in 4 locations, to 10 000 at 40 locations to date.

How do you tell an elephant's mock charge from a serious one?

It is imperative to keep in mind that Elephant are extremely intelligent, and each individual has a distinct character.

Females mature at about 11 years and stay in the group, while the males, which mature between 12 and 15, are usually expelled from the maternal herd.

Even though these young males are sexually mature, they do not breed until they are in their mid, or late 20s or even older and have moved up in the social hierarchy.