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The present Randomised Controlled Trials and linear relations help generate billions of dollars in chemical therapeutics even if that results in thousands dying of our efforts directly or indirectly. To cite an example, anti-diabetic drugs are usually compared with sugar filled placebo capsules!

Intj and intj dating

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Know your partner's secret desires and hidden fears with this book!Highlight your respect for competence One of the most distinctive personality traits of an INTJ is the high value they place on competence.

This is because before they come to any decision, INTJs need to think through the entire matter and examine it from all possible angles.

Sometimes a person just wants to enjoy a quiet night under the stars with a beloved without having to listen to explanations of astronomical phenomena or the chemical composition of various heavenly bodies.

However if you keep in mind that this is how an INTJ makes sense of the world around them and that this is precisely what gives them the famed insight into problems and how they can be solved, you will begin to accept and even be prouder of their intellectual pre-occupations.

However the good part about letting your partner take their time is that once they are sure that it is you who they want to be with, they will rarely change their stand or develop cold feet.

On the other hand if you rush them before they are ready, INTJs are perfectly capable of shutting you out.